AMR-M-B-RL6: Mobile Platform with Arm, Mid-Size

17.686,00  excl. vat.

The mobile platform with robot arm allows a fast and low cost entry into mobile applications in the field of Industry 4.0 and IoT!  The Windows-based control software enables fast and intuitive programming of arm and platform.

Use Cases and Application Areas

  • Butler: Serve beverages
  • Logistics: Picking goods
  • Manufacturing: Assistance functions

The AMR can be used in the areas of research & development, in-house training and edutainment. It is not usable in industrial production.

Delivery time: 6 weeks


This medium-sized mobile platform is ideal for use in service robotics, e.g. for developing butler robots or as Alexa’s extended arm. Two driven wheels at the front are designed for approaching tables or kitchenettes, at the back the platform has two support wheels. The actual platform is very compact, but a superstructure can be used to integrate a robot arm, telepresence unit or similar at table height. The platform offers enough space to integrate your own extensions.

Overall, the platform consists of the following subsystems:

  • Mechanical base with differential drive
  • 6-axis robot arm
  • Electric gripper
  • Control electronics with battery
  • 2 laser scanner Slamtec RPLidar A2M8
  • Control computer with Windows based CPRog software

The control is done internally on an intel NUC Core i5 with installed Windows 10 Pro. The CPRog software with the NavPak extension controls both the mobile platform and a mounted robot arm. The functions of the NavPak allow the creation of maps and localization based on the laser scanner data. Power is supplied by a 24V/10Ah battery, which is sufficient for 3 – 5 hours of operation, depending on usage.

The robot platform is designed for R&D use, it does not have safety laser scanners. It cannot be used in industrial applications.

We would be happy to adapt the platform to your requirements, please contact us! Mail:

For further information please visit our homepage: The shown pictures and renderings are preliminary and show different variants of the robot. They will be adapted to the current developments.

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 500 × 740 × 1200 mm


The platform is delivered fully operational, the control system consists of a Windows 10 Pro PC and the CPRog control software with NavPak extension. The Office-like user interface allows intuitive programming of robot programs and missions.

Using ROS ( to control the AMR is also possible. However, a complete ROS control solution is not provided.


  • Platform with differential drive
  • 2 x Slamtec A2M8 as front and back Lidar
  • 6 axis robot arm
  • Electric 2 finger gripper
  • Motor controller for all joints / wheels
  • BIOS-board for power handling
  • intel NUC with Core i5 and SSD
  • Software CPRog with NavPak to control and program the AMR
  • Onboard WLAN access point to connect via Remote Desktop
  • 24V/10Ah battery with charger
  • Documentation

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