SRPlatfomr08 with robolink DP5

34.275,00  excl. vat.

Large mobile platform with Mecanum drive and 2 safety laser scanners.

  • Mobile robotics research and development.
  • IOT demo applications


The mobile platform offers the possibility of the omnidirectional procedure thanks to the installed Mecanum wheels. Due to its size, the storage surface is at table height. Therefore, it is possible for the mounted robolink DP5 robot arm to operate at table height. The platform offers sufficient space to integrate your own extensions.

Overall, the platform consists of the following subsystems:

  • Mechanical base
  • Robot arm with 2-finger gripper
  • Control electronics
  • Sensors
  • Safety technology

The control is done internally via an intel NUC Core i5, which can be accessed via WLAN/Ethernet. The CPRog software controls both the mobile platform and the robot arm. The functions of the NavigationPack allow the creation of maps and localization based on the laser scanner data. Power is supplied by a 24V/30Ah battery, which is sufficient for 4 – 8 hours of operation, depending on usage.

The platform can be operated by the two Sick S300 Expert safety laser scanners and a Sick FlexiSafe safety PLC in accordance with the applicable standards.

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Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 800 × 550 × 600 mm


The mobile platform with the robot arm can be controlled in two ways, with CPR software and via the ROS framework:

  • Commonplace Robotics Software: The Windows software CPRog allows the movement and programming of the mounted robot arm. For the platform, it provides mapping and localization based on laser scanner readings. Missions can be created and played from platform movements and robot programs. All this is done in an intuitive user interface with 3D graphics, based on the MS Office family.
  • ROS: The Robot Operating System is the worldwide standard for service robotics development. We provide nodes for the hardware connection, as well as a demo configuration based on the navigation stack.

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Scope of Delivery

  • Platform
  • Control electronics for the platform
  • Robot arm
  • Control electronics for robot arm
  • 2x 24V/10Ah battery
  • 3A charger
  • 2 Sick S300 laser scanners
  • Intel NUC