Mover 4 Robotarm

3.135,00  excl. vat.

Robot arm with 4 axes and a mounted gripper.
For use in R&D and training.

Delivery time: 2 weeks

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The Mover4 is a robot arm with 4 axes, which allows the manipulation of objects in 4 degrees of freedom.
The 4 axes are moved by DC motors with gears.
The robot arm has a dead weight of 3.5kg and can handle loads up to 500g. The maximum reach is 550mm including the built-in gripper.
The communication is done externally via a USB interface. Internally a CAN bus with 20Hz clock rate is used.
The robot arm is operated with 12V DC and has 3 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs, each operating at 5V 35mA. At the TCP-flange there is another digital output for the gripper.

The robot arm can be controlled and programmed with the free software CPRog.

The robot is designed exclusively for use in research and development and within education and cannot be used for industrial applications.

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Weight 3,5 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 600 mm