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Robot Cell with Gantry Robot

24.762,00  excl. vat.

Robot cell with gantry robot. This complete solutions allows you to jump start your automation task!


When a quick solution is needed, we provide a complete robotic cell! Exemplary applications are simple pick-and-place applications or dispensing tasks.

A 3-axis gantry with a workspace of 500 x 500 x 100 is controlled by the DIN-Rail controller. Up to 1 kg payload is possible, repeatability of better than 0.5 mm is achieved, as well as speeds up to 500 mm/s.

A safety PLC provides emergency stop and door switch functions and offers many expansion options. The Rittal control cabinet offers plenty of space for expansions.

The robot cell is delivered ready for operation, and the gantry robot can be programmed directly. The necessary process components can be installed on the Z-axis of the gantry and on the T-slot floor, such as vacuum cups, feeders and depositors or measuring devices.

We would be happy to expand the cell and adapt it to your needs regarding process, workspace, axis brakes, feeding or components. Please contact us at!

Availability: We ship the robot cell within the countries of the European Union. Please get in contact for further details!



The gantry is controlled by the Commonplace Robotics CPRog software. This comprises two components:

  • CPR-Core: The controller in the control cabinet that drives the movements and responds to input signals under real-time requirements.
  • CPRog: The programming environment with 3D visualization enables fast and intuitive program creation. It is installed on a Windows laptop and connected to the CPR core via Ethernet for programming.

Further information can be found at

Scope of Delivery

  • Robot cell with external dimensions W 109 x L 85 x H 140 cm
  • Mounted 3-axis gantry with workspace 500 x 500 x 100 mm
  • Commonplace Robotics robot controller in DIN rail format with integrated controller and operator panel
  • 14 digital inputs and outputs each
  • Safety PLC
  • LED tower

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